Company founder Fritz Weber (1924-2008)

Passion for Invention

Driven by the power of innovation and tenacity, Fritz Weber laid the cornerstone of the company in 1950. Today, his three sons are leading REGO-FIX into the future with the same passion.

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Pioneering Inventions

  • 1950 – a metal broom holder enables the simple fixing and changing of the handle. At that time this invention was revolutionary.

  • 1972 – the ER collet chuck; it enabled a clamping range of 1mm for the first time. 1993 it was standardised with DIN 6499 and is the most commonly used collet chuck system in the world today

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  • 2002 – the powRgrip® system; the clamping system enables the maximum in productivity. It is so simple - requiring just the touch of a button!


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  • 2013 – reCool® the first of its kind system to convert existing live tooling to coolant thru

The name REGO-FIX is composed by letters drawn from the name of the village where the company was founded in 1950—REIGOLDSWIL—and FIX for fixing.